Mississippi Highway 67
Circle sign 67


20.7 miles

South End

I-10/I-110 in D'Iberville, MS

North End

US-49 in Saucier, MS

Major Junctions

MS-15 North of D'Iberville, MS
MS-605 near Tradition, MS

Mississippi Highway 67 is a 4-lane arterial highway that runs 20.7 miles from the I-10/I-110 interchange in D'Iberville, MS to US-49 north of Saucier, MS. It is co-signed with Mississippi Highway 15 for its southernmost 2 miles. Interstate 110 is a 4.1 mile connector from I-10 to US-90 in Biloxi, MS; mileage on Highway 67 is a continuation of the I-110 mileage, starting at MP 4.1 and continuing to MP 24.8 at US-49.

Route DescriptionEdit

Mississippi Highway begins at the northern terminus of Interstate 110 at the Interstate 10 interchange in D'Iberville, Mississippi (MP 4.1). Immediately following the I-10/I-110 interchange is a highly congested, signalized intersection containing hotels, several strip malls, large retail outlets, and two gas stations (MP 4.5). Just beyond this intersection Highway 67 crosses the Tchoutacabouffa River (MP 4.6) and continues north co-signed with Mississippi Highway 15.

Highway 15 splits from Highway 67 about two miles north of the I-10/I-110 interchange (MP 6.6), where Highway 15 exits the roadway and turns northeast, while Highway 67 continues northwest. Around MP 13, Highway 67 intersects Highway 605 in the unincorporated village of Tradition, MS. Highway 605 heads south-southwest to Gulfport, while Highway 67 continues northwest, terminating at a trumpet interchange with US-49 north of Saucier, MS. The speed limit for the entire length of Highway 67 is 65 MPH.

Route HistoryEdit

The present-day four-lane alignment of Highway 67 opened in 2009. Prior to 2009, Highway 67 was a two-lane road that started at Interstate 10 south of Woolmarket, MS. It proceeded north, following Woolmarket Road through Woolmarket. North of Woolmarket, Highway 67 followed Success Road through the Village of Success to an intersection with Bethel Road. It then turned west and followed Bethel Road to its original northern terminus at US-49 in Saucier.

Prior to the completion of Interstates 10 and 110 in 1981, Highway 67 south of Woolmarket proceeded southeast, through the village of Cedar Lake. It then followed D'Iberville Boulevard southeast to Central Avenue (Old Highway 15) in D'Iberville, then turned south, crossing the old swing bridge across the Back Bay, before following Callivet Street to its former southern terminus at US-90 in Biloxi.

The main span of the old swing bridge over the Back bay was removed after traffic was rerouted onto I-110 in 1981; the side spans were left in place as fishing piers. Storm surge from Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 caused significant damage to the remaining portions of the old bridge, which have since been closed to public access.


The D'Iberville Police Department dediciates a substantial amount of personnel and resources in directing traffic through the signalized intersection north of the I-10/I-110 interchange due to the severity of congestion caused by the retail developments there. However, the Missisippi Department of Transportation has no immediate plans to address traffic issues in this area, and there is no funding available for needed improvements.